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“imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” - Ariana Grande. ♥

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HEY ARIANA FANS. :) I recently made an Ariana twitter and she followed it yesterday which is cool. If you could follow me on there I’ll follow all Ariana fans back! @ArianaUpdatesUK thank you <3

April 21
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I thank the ones who passed who never gave a second glance, I learned that it’s okay for some to go and some to stay. They shaped my life, they made me love who I am today.

Adrianna Blanco || Ariana Grande
DOB: January 1, 1996
Grade: Sophomore at BVUH
Adrianna is an intelligent, sweet girl. She is a sophomore yet she’s in a junior physics class and in Algebra 11th grade Honors. Adrianna is always pushed to succeed, her mother works as the spanish teacher and her father is an accountant. Adrianna knows what it’s like to not have a lot which is why now that her parents have a good, stable job and she sees how fortunate she is she appreciates everything she has. Adrianna is very humble. She’s a good friend and always making jokes. She’s been tutoring Patrick Stanton, a well-known party guy at Bodega. Adrianna thinks she’s in trouble, she’s starting to develop some feelings for him. But that’s impossible right? They’re totally different, they run in different circles.. can it be?
Friends: McKenna Gordon, Callie Hind, and Patrick Stanton
Crushing: Adrianna is crushing on Patrick Stanton
Likes: Reading. Going to school. Volunteering.

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